Relax in the tranquility of our private suroundings as we take care of all your special beauty needs.

Located in Kaiapoi just north of Christchurch, escape the hustle and bustle of the city and relax and rejuvinate in our private rooms looking out into our landscaped gardens.

From Pedicure Spa to Instant Tan and Tinting. Come and see what we can do for you.

beauty chairSpecially You really is all about you.

In keeping with this, we offer flexible opening hours to suite you. Please make use of the contact page to get in touch with us in order to sort out a time that works for you.

We have plenty of off street parking available and our quiet, tranquil gardens will certainly put you at ease.

Gift Vouchers are available.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Are the products animal tested ?
'SPECIALLY YOU' will not use animal tested products

Are the products environmentally safe ?
'SPECIALLY YOU' is conscious of the environment and endeavour to do our part for the environment.

What about allergic reactions ?
'SPECIALLY YOU' is conscious that people have different reactions to products.
We ask firstly if there are any known allergies and secondly we will do a patch test on a small
area of skin to test for any allergic reaction.

What about cleanliness ?
Health is an issue with 'Specially you' and so we keep our beauty salon clean and we sterilise all reusable equipment with hospital grade sterilisers and dispose of any non-reusable equipment.

GIFT VOUCHERS are available. Contact us for more details

Pedicure Spa Chair with Back Massager
Massage Chair

Our Products


Each Pier Augé product respects the exclusive Pier Augé spirit: Give the skin what belongs to it.

It ensures the most perfect association between the formula of the skin and that of the product designed for it. It respects the skin, respects its natural functions and provides it with the most advanced molecules to remind your skin that it holds all the keys to defend itself and maintain its integrity.

Bella Vi - The Natural Foundation Specialists

Meaning ‘Beautiful You’ in Italian, Bella Vi is one of the most recognised and trusted leading Boutique Certified Organic and Naturalceutical Cosmetics® brand in the New Zealand beauty industry.

Bella Vi’s gorgeous range of Certified Organic Makeup and Naturalceutical Skincare are Made In Italy.

Bella Vi’s collection is a balanced synergy of Certified Organic and Naturalceutical ingredients help nourish, hydrate and revitalise your skin naturally with key hero ingredients.

A natural makeup range offering skincare qualities, Bella Vi is specifically formulated for all ages and skin types.

Specially You offers a full range of Bella Vi Eye and Lip makeup.

Bondi Sands Spray Tan

Specially You makes use of a selection of great Bondi Sands Products that are All Natural Tanning Solutions.

Made with No alcohol, No artificial preservatives or parabans.

Bondi Sands is vegan friendly and cruelty free.
No fake tan smell, just a fresh coconut odour with a natural brown colour.

That's just a small sample of the extensive range of treatments and products we provide.
Have a look at our services page for an idea of just what we can do!