We offer a comprehensive range of services for your special beauty needs


Eyebrows $18.00
Upper Lip $15.00
Chin and Upper Lip $20.00
Face From $25.00
Underarm $20.00
Bikini - brief $25.00
Bikini - G string $32.00
Brazillian - First Visit $45.00
Brazillian Maintenance $35.00
Half Leg $30.00
3/4 Leg $35.00
Full Leg $45.00
Arms $25.00
Back or Chest $30.00


Lash $22.00
Brow $20.00


Cleanse, exfoliate, massage, moisturise
40 Minutes
Ental Cream$60.00
Cleanse, exfoliate, hot towel, steam, Ental Cream, mask, massage and moisturise
50 mins
Cleanse, exfoliate, hot towel, revitilising serum, cream mask and moisturise.
1 Hour

Spirulina - Hydrating$70.00
Cleanse, exfoliate, hot towel, steam, hydrating serum, Spirulina Mask, massage and moisturise.
1 1/4 Hours
Energising Vitamin C $70.00
Cleanse, exfoliate, towel, steam, Vitamin C Mask, Vitamin C serum, massage and moisturise.
1 1/4 hours


Express - no colour $17.00
Nail shape, cuticle care and buff
20 Minutes
Express - with colour $25.00
Nail shape, cuticle care and buff
30 Minutes
Mini $30.00
Nail shape, cuticle care, buff, moisturise plus colour
30 Minutes
Nail shape, cuticle care, exfoliate, mask massage and nail colour

45 Minutes
Shellac Manicure$40.00
Lasts up to two weeks
1 Hour

Paraffin Wax Treatment:

Paraffin Wax Treatment$35.00
Paraffin wax is applied to hands along with a special moisturising cream to produce an intensive perspiration which seals the water release for a deep moisturising
It softens the cuticles and whitens the skin.


Express - No Colour $17.00
Cuticle care and nail shape
20 Mins
Express - Colour $25.00
Cuticle care and nail shape
30 Mins

Pedicure SPA Chair with Back Massager:


Mini $27.00
Foot spa, nail shape, cuticle care, exfoliate, foot massage and colour
30 Mins
Deluxe $35.00
Foot spa, nail shape, exfoliate, foot/leg massage, mask and colour
45 mins


Bondi Sands (Spray Tan):

Fantastic Colour  
No damaging UV rays. Great for that special occasion - weddings, balls, holidays etc.
Full Body $43.00
Ball Gown (Upper) $35.00
Legs $25.00


Mineral Makeup - Bella Vi  
Wedding (Includes Trial) $60.00
Evening/Formal $50.00
Day $45.00